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Sheri’s House of Hope will be opening our Long-Term Educational Center (safe haven) in 2019

We are so excited to let you know that our goal is to give additional help for women and children leaving abusive homes. After they leave a short-term shelter, and make they make the decision to change their lives, we will have a safe haven for them to live in for up to 18 months in our 10-bedroom 4 bath house that was donated to us September 2017.

What we will be accomplishing for Lea County is a chance for women to learn life skills, including finances, a chance to better their education, learn computer skills, better parenting, counselling, nutrition, how to do resumes’ and do job interviews, and dress for success. When they graduate from our program, they will be self-sufficient and not be forced to go back to a home full of violence. We will be introducing women into the work force, women that want to start a new safe, happy life for themselves and offering work skills to our business owners.

For the children, they will finally have a safe and stable home so they can attend schools, which will help with less truancy, decrease the gang growth, and most important stop the generational growth of domestic violence in the next generations to come. These women and children will learn that violence is not a normal way of life and learn that love should never hurt!

We have come a long way in less than two years with this important home, but now we need the help of all of Lea County to make this an important project for all of us. We will be educating women and children and helping Lea County to be a little safer place to live. This should be an important home that we can all be proud to be part of.

After the murder of my daughter, Sheri, I had to do something to make her death not in vain. Her three children that she left behind has suffered in many ways. That is why I have this passion and started Sheri’s House of Hope, Inc. a non-profit organization to make sure no other women dies behind closed doors and no children would suffer a loss of a mother.

Thank you for your dedication and support. Please consider us as an important part of your business budget each and every year. We need your support! Please send your donations to open this home this year to: Sheri’s House of Hope, Inc. 800 N. Turner, Hobbs, NM 88240. Be proud you are part of saving lives and stopping domestic violence in our County!

We will be having a special VIP showing of the home with appetizer’s, and wine for special larger donors before opening.

Jan Lobeck

Founder/CEO Sheri’s House of Hope, Inc.

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