Our Mission

Sheri’s House of Hope’s mission is to provide women and children survivors of domestic abuse in Lea County with a safe transitional housing alternative; educate the women with a multitude of skills to empower self-sufficiency; and, facilitate a return to independent living and reunification with the community.


What We Do

Sheri's House of Hope spreads awareness of domestic violence victims We do speaking engagements to prevent domestic violence in all communities.  Contact Jan: 575-691-9437


House of Hope Thrifty Boutique provides support, clothing, and aid in providing alternate living conditions. We help our community by assisting other organizations in our county, and giving to people in need.

House of Hope Educational Center: Is a long-term housing for women and children leaving domestic violent homes. We had a 10 bedroom 4 bath house donated to us for our important mission.  We are now working on receiving funding so we can open our home in 2019.  Are residents will learn how to rebuild their lives by living in a safe home while taking classes to learn self esteem, better parenting, nutrition, finances, better education, learn how to write resumes', dress for success, do job interviews.  By the time they graduate from  our 18 month program, they will be self sufficient and ready to become an asset to the community.  All of the children will learn that violence is not a normal life and stopping the generational violence in their future.


Our History

After the murder of the founder's daughter, Sheri, Jan felt she needed to help others to beware of the warning signs of domestic violence.  She started this non-profit July 2009.  At first she wanted and still does speaking engagements to teach the warning signs to parents, grandparents, and teens to help know if they are entering/in a healthy relationship. At the time of her daughters murder, she had no idea what domestic violence was, but since has learned not only what it is, but ways to help other victims from dying behind closed doors.


In 2012, she started the "House of Hope Thrifty Boutique" to help raise money to help victims.  Everything in the store is donations from the community and all proceeds go to her mission.  After talking to many victims, she realized that their needed to be transitional housing for these women and children.  


A long term safe haven to educate and assist women and their children to rebuild their lives and become productive citizens.  The House of Hope Educational Center will be a home where they will learn how to rebuild their lives and realize that living in fear is not a normal way of life.  Residents will be able to stay up to 18, months.  Our staff and professionals will be teaching them how to survive and become better role model for their children, therefore stopping the cycle of domestic violence in their family and help build better generations for the future.


In 2017, a 10 bedroom house with 4 baths was donated to start the House of Hope Educational Center.  We are working on making this a home to house these survivors.  We are hoping to be able to open our doors 2018.  With your help, donations, and monetary gifting, we will be able to feed, educate and protect these women and children while they get a new start in life.  We are a non-profit 501 c 3 and any donations you make to open the doors to this Educational Center will be totally tax deductible.


Board of Directors


Al Lobeck

Radio Marketing Consultant



Jeff Herwig

Law Enforcement



Kerri Gray




Amy South

MHC/LADAC, Behavioral Health



Nancy Boland

School Counselor

Ed Lewis


Hilda Orozco



Jan Lobeck




David Gallegos

State Representative


Raymond Bonilla

Director of Community Services